US 1947 Postmasters' Provisional Stamp 5c. New York, N.Y. Scott. 9X3

US 1947 Postmasters' Provisional Stamp 5c. New York, N.Y. Scott. 9X3

Series: Postmasters' Provisional Stamps
Issued Year: 1847
Face value: 5c.

Catalogue No:-
Scott: 9X3

Paper: Grey wove
Perforation: Imperforate

Themes: Famous People, Politicians, Heads of State, Men, Statesmen

Description:- The New York Postmaster's Provisional is, as its designation implies, a postage stamp provided by the New York Post Office to facilitate the prepayment of mail at a time when the United States had not yet issued postage stamps for national use. Placed on sale on July 14, 1845, this was the nation's first provisional stamp to be issued by a local post office in response to the congressional postal reform act that had taken effect two weeks earlier. That law, passed on March 3, 1845, standardized nationwide mail rates, with the result that the use of stamps became a practical and reliable method of postal prepayment. Before standardization, the many different postal rates in different jurisdictions had made fees too unpredictable to prepay all letters with stamps as a matter of course, with the result that recipients of letters—rather than senders—generally paid the postage on them. Baltimore announced the issue of a provisional stamp one day after New York, on July 15, and New Haven soon followed. The New York issue has been cited as "the most elegantly executed and widely used of the group of provisionals issued by eleven different U. S. post offices between 1845 and 1847.