US 1870 Winfield Scott (1786-1866) 24c. Scott. 153

US 1870 Winfield Scott (1786-1866) 24c. Scott. 153

Series: 1870-71 National Bank Note Co. Not Grilled

Issued date: 18-11-1870 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Face value: 24c.
Emission: Definitive

Catalogue No:-
Scott (USA): 153
Michel (Germany): 44
Yvert et Tellier (France): 47

Dimensions (height x width):
28.6mm x 25.4mm

Stamp Colors: Purple
Perforation: line 12
Paper: White wove paper, thin to medium thick

Themes: Politicians, Famous People, Generals, Military Officers

Note: Without grill

Total print: 1,144,400

Description:- Winfield Scott (1786-1866) was an American military commander and political candidate. He served as a general in the United States Army from 1814 to 1861, taking part in the War of 1812, the Mexican–American War, the early stages of the American Civil War and conflicts with Native Americans. Scott was the Whig Party's presidential nominee in the 1852 election, but was defeated by Democrat Franklin Pierce. He was known as Old Fuss and Feathers for his insistence on proper military etiquette, as well as the Grand Old Man of the Army for his many years of service.