US 1877 Buffalo Balloon Flight 5c.x2 Scott. CL1a

US 1877 Buffalo Balloon Flight 5c.x2 Scott. CL1a

Series: 1877 Balloon Postage

Issued year: 1877
Face value: 5c.x2
Emission: Private Issue

Catalogue No:-
Scott (USA): CL1a

Stamp Colors: Dark blue
Perforation: Imperforate
Format: Tete-Beche

Themes: Air Balloons, Aviation

Note: Semi-official private issue of John F.B. Lillard for use on covers carried on a balloon flight which began in Nashville and landed at Gallantin, TN, on June 18, 1877. Lillard reported that 300 were printed and 23 were used.

Total print: 300

Description:- Balloon mail is the transport of mail (usually for weight reasons in the form of a postcard) carrying the name of the sender by means of an unguided hydrogen or helium filled balloon. Since the balloon is not controllable, the delivery of a balloon mail is left to good fortune; often the balloon and postcard are lost. A found balloon should be returned to the sender (by conventional post) with an indication of the discovery site, so that the sender can determine how far their balloon flew. Frequently balloon mail is sent as part of a balloon competition.