US 1962 Girl scouts 4c. Scott. 1199

US 1962 Girl scouts 4c. Scott. 1199

Series: Girl scouts Issue

Stamp details: Senior Girl Scout and Flag

Issued date: 24-07-1962 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Face value: 4c.

Emission: Commemorative
Watermark: No Watermark

Catalogue No:-
Scott (USA): 1199
Stanley Gibbons (UK): 1198
Michel (Germany): 829
Yvert et Tellier (France): 733

Dimensions (height x width):
25mm x 40mm

Printer: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Print Method: Rotary Press

Stamp Colors: Pink red
Perforation: Perf 11 x 10

Themes: Scouts, Girl Scouts, Woman, Flags

Total print: 126,515,000 (estimate)

Description:- Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA), commonly referred to as simply Girl Scouts, is a youth organization for girls in the United States and American girls living abroad.[2] Founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912, it was organized after Low met Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, in 1911. Upon returning to Savannah, Georgia, she telephoned a distant cousin, saying, "I've got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we're going to start it tonight!"