US 1962 National Apprenticeship Program 4c. Scott. 1201

US 1962 National Apprenticeship Program 4c. Scott. 1201

Series: Apprenticeship Issue

Stamp details: Machinist Handing Micrometer to Apprentice

Issued date: 31-08-1962 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Face value: 4c.

Emission: Commemorative
Watermark: No Watermark

Catalogue No:-
Scott (USA): 1201
Stanley Gibbons (UK): 1200
Michel (Germany): 831
Yvert et Tellier (France): 735

Dimensions (height x width):
26mm x 39mm

Printer: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Print Method: Rotary Press

Stamp Colors: Bistre and Black
Perforation: Perf 11 x 10

Themes: Scientific Tool, Hands, Industry

Total print: 120,055,000 (estimate)

Description:- The National Apprenticeship Act (also known as the Fitzgerald Act), is a federal law in the United States which regulates apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs. Apprentice programs in the U.S. were largely unregulated until 1934. After passage of the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), industry, trade unions and the National Recovery Administration cooperated to fashion various "industry codes" to govern competition, wages, working conditions and quality of products and services. One aspect of the general construction industry code was a set of rules regulating apprenticeship programs in the construction industry.