US 1962 Dag Hammarskjold, inverted color 4c. Scott. 1204

US 1962 Dag Hammarskjold, inverted color 4c. Scott. 1204

Series: Dag Hammarskjold Issue

Stamp details: UN Headquarters and Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secretary-General, 1953-61

Issued date: 16-11-1962 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Face value: 4c.

Emission: Commemorative
Watermark: No Watermark

Catalogue No:-
Scott (USA): 1204
Stanley Gibbons (UK): 1203
Michel (Germany): 833IIa
Yvert et Tellier (France): 737

Dimensions (height x width):
25mm x 39mm

Printer: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Print Method: Giori Press

Stamp Colors: Black, brown and yellow
Perforation: Perf 11 x 11

Themes: Famous People, Politician, Nobel Laureate, Diplomat, Buildings, U.N.O.

Total print: 40,270,000 (estimate)

Note: Yellow-inverted special printing. Deliberately issued to mimic true SN:US 1203 errors accidentally released to the public, thereby devaluing them. White vertical stripe 3.5 mm wide.

Description:- Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjold (1905-1961) was a Swedish economist and diplomat who served as the second Secretary-General of the United Nations from April 1953 until his death in a plane crash in September 1961. As of 2022, he remains the youngest person to have held the post, having been only 47 years old when he was appointed.