US 2021 Ig-11 : Star Wars Droids 55c. Scott. 5573

US 2021 Ig-11 : Star Wars Droids 55c. Scott. 5573

Series: Star Wars Droids (2021)

Stamp details: Ig-11

Issued date: 04-05-2021 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Face value: 55c.
(FOREVER - No Face Value)

Format: Pane of 20

Emission: Commemorative
First Day City: Nicasio, California

Catalogue No:-
Scott (USA): 5573
Michel (Germany): 5806BA
Yvert et Tellier (France): 5415
Unificato (Italy): 5975A

Designers: Greg Breeding (designer)

Dimensions (height x width):
47mm x 25mm

Printer: Banknote Corporation of America
Print Method: Offset, Flexographic

Perforation: Serpentine Die Cut 10

Stamp Colors: Multicolored
Gum type: Self-Adhesive

Themes: Robot, Movie, Film, Cinema

Total print: 30,000,000 (estimate)

Note: Stamp from 'block of 10'

Face value US$0.55 on day of issue.

Description:- IG-11 is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise who appears in the Disney+ television series The Mandalorian. An extremely deadly and efficient bounty hunter droid, IG-11 initially attempts to capture and kill an alien known as the Child but is stopped and destroyed by another bounty hunter known as the Mandalorian. IG-11 is later repaired by the Ugnaught alien Kuiil and reprogrammed as a nurse and protector of the Child and an ally of the Mandalorian.